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  • Speech

    Welcome to visit the website of Dongfang Chemical Co.Ltd.

    Dear Friends, Partners, and all Distinguished Guests:

         Thank you for your continued concern and attention to HDF Chemical!

         We always keep in mind the development concept of “Customer Needs at the Core, Green Development as the Benchmark”. With first-class talent, environment, technology, and equipment, we create first-class products. We always integrate “Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection”, providing customers with safer, more environmentally friendly products and more efficient, higher quality services. We dedicate ourselves to society and give back to our partners with proactive actions and fruitful results!

         I firmly believe: The future of HDF Chemical will rise like the sun, with a bright future ahead!

         I hope: Friends, partners, and all distinguished people will continue to support HDF Chemical!

         I cordially invite: Those with ambition to join HDF Chemical and jointly forge our exceptional dream!

    Gensheng Han